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First-of-its-kind masterclass

A growing number of international companies are integrating the role of standardization in and across their operations. However, most current standardization initiatives are having limited success in meeting original targets and objectives; they have trouble keeping progress, speed and quality and can often struggle with budgets. All these points are directly related to skill-sets and the quality of people involved, and these are what we elevate and improve with the this first-off-its-kind masterclass.

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You’ll learn everything about:

  • How to be effective in preparing for standards meetings and contributing in the meetings

  • The best ways to manage speed and progress in (virtual) organizations

  • Manage your objectives through formal and informal roles in organizations

  • Becoming a better networker and lobbyist

  • The biggest mistakes in handling cultural differences

  • Win-win negotiations and conflict handling

  • Solutions for effective decision making

Why attend this masterclass


The Masterclass lecturers are high-qualified experts in the field of standards-based innovation.

Eddy Odijk

Eddy Odijk is a Senior Innovation strategist. He has 35 years of industry experience, in R&D management, technology management, and business strategy and standardization management positions. He has developed the corporate standardization process at Philips and led the company’s standardization teams in the areas of Consumer Electronics, Healthcare and Lighting. While at Philips, Eddy has co-founded many standardization consortia including ZigBee Alliance, HAVi, HDMI, UPnP, DLNA, RF4CE, Continua and Zhaga, and has served as a board member for these and other alliances. Supporting his view on the importance of education, he has been teaching on standardization for over a decade. Eddy is based in Eindhoven

Jos Bruins

Jos Bruins is a Senior Innovation Strategist. Jos has over 25 years of experience in businesses like Domestic appliances, Telecom, Consumer electronics, Media, Digital TV, Medical products and Lighting. Jos specialized in Marketing of new technology, New business development and Standards based innovation management for key strategic product lines. During his job as Principal IPC and Senior Director of standards he was involved in DVD/Blu-ray, MP3/AAC/AVC, Bluetooth/WiFi/ZigBee, BacNet/KNX, UPnP, and many more. Jos is based in Amsterdam.

Jacobien Kamp

Over 25 years of experience working with a variety of organisations in the electronics industry, health care and the public service sector, gave Jacobien a high level of mastership in the application of principles of psychology in organisations. Her focus is on consulting organisations in innovation management, the design of change processes and behavioural training to enhance the quality of leadership. Standards based innovation management is one of the major application areas.

Jacobien’s contribution in the SIM is to teach people how they can be effective in representing their company in the standards organization. She invites participants to take the appropriate roles, both in the standardization process as well as in the own company.  The masterclass setting supports people in developing their skills and challenges them to stretch the boundaries of the individual comfort zones. 


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This three-day class is meant for managers who represent their organization in standards consortia, alliances and in collaborative innovation work activities, with the aim to apply the function of standardizing as a true business tool.



The very first Standards-based Innovation Management Masterclass is powered by Neovate Innovation Project. If you have any questions about the masterclass, please fill in the form below:

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