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How standardization is positioned in your value chain

In a previous article, “Why Standardization is a business tool?” we showed Michael Porter’s value chain model, which enables companies to examine their activities and analyze their contributions to the Profit Margin. We observed that standardization is treated as a cost factor by many companies. Just a few companies utilize standardization as a business tool, and they reap the benefits from skillfully applying it within their value chain. It’s not some exclusive, secret tool; any company that operates in a standards-based industry should apply it to improve competitiveness and increase R&D efficiency. Neovate helps companies to design and integrate this [...]

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Why Standardization is a business tool

In his influential book “Competitive Advantage”, Michael Porter introduced the concept of the company value chain. He gave companies a model that enabled them to examine their activities and analyze how they contributed to Competitive Advantage and the Profit Margin, where margin = value created – cost incurred.  Based on a process view of organizations, Porter’s model shows a chain of activities common to all businesses, divided into primary and support activities, with links between them. He explains: “Competitive advantage [..] stems from the many discrete activities a firm performs in designing, producing, marketing, delivering and supporting its product. Each [...]

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New master-class in standards-based innovation management

One of the key conclusions arising from discussion panels and seminars on innovation at recent events like the CES in Las Vegas, IoT in London and Smart Energy & Building conferences in Tokyo, is that more standardization is needed to realize and capitalize on key benefits of the connected planet. There’s no doubt that standardization has become increasingly important in unlocking the tremendous value of connectivity.  We are addressing this by introducing multi-company training courses in 2017, which are designed to apply the function of standardization as a true business tool. This three-day training course will take place in the [...]

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