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Dealing with IPR in Standardization is not difficult

IPR: mentioning these 3 letters can make many of those involved in standardization activities feel uneasy. It has a legal flavor, implying that it must be complicated. Talking about it with others seems risky - it’s like having the proverbial elephant in the room. In our opinion however, dealing with IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) in a standardization setting is generally straightforward, and that’s what we hope to show in this blog. The one hairy aspect, which is beyond the responsibility of standardization alliances, is defining the price and conditions of use for IPR, and that topic is interesting enough for [...]

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Standardization and competition (2)

In the previous blog we talked about competition between standards (like Betamax and VHS, or Blu-ray and HD-DVD) and competition within standards (when companies collaborate and market products using the same standard). History has shown that competition between standards results in an all-out standards war or the carving out of a small niche market: both delay or prevent market harmonization and fast market growth. Luckily this doesn’t happen too often. In most cases when new technology enables new forms of connectivity or interoperability, key players get together to jointly create a standard. Knowing that subsequently they will compete within the [...]

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