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Curriculum topics

Mastership is reached through a combination of knowledge elements (“content”), process elements (“practice”) and behavioral elements (“skills”). Training methods include lectures, audiovisuals, group exercise, simulation, discussion and collective coaching.  The main elements for the master class are:


  • Different types of standards, how they impact trade and innovation, how they evolve

  • How companies should decide if and how standardization fits into the business strategy

  • Why companies must participate in standards development

  • Understanding the connection between standards, industry cycle, strategic planning and business success

  • The golden rules of turning a standard into market and company success

  • The tension between company IP policies & standardization

Ways of Working in Standardization

  • How standardization works: organization, management, phases and processe

  • The formation of consortia/alliances, types, legal documents

  • Why the choice of partners for the alliance is critical

  • The most important aspects and traps in legal and IP matters

  • How to effectively organize the operation

  • How to get better commitment in your own organization

  • Most important Do’s and Don’ts: examples of (un)successful standards bodies

Skill set for effective standardization

  • How to be effective in preparing for standards meetings and contributing in the meetings

  • The best ways to manage speed and progress in (virtual) organizations

  • Manage your objectives through formal and informal roles in organizations

  • Becoming a better networker and lobbyist

  • The biggest mistakes in handling cultural differences

  • Win-win negotiations and conflict handling

  • Solutions for effective decision making

Note: On request, other elements may be added.


Preparation webinar

Participants will receive pre-information, two weeks before the start. One week before start, there will be a group webinar where we discuss:

  • General preparatory information

  • Location details, agenda and logistics

  • Pre-study material

  • Q&A and Wrap-up

Program information

Spring 2018

Time investment
Pre-study, Pre-webinar, Pre-dinner,
Day 1: 3 blocks
Day 2: 3 blocks
Day 3: 2 blocks
Aftercare webinar, Individual follow-up (optional)

Program fee
€ 3200,-

Group size
Maximum number of participants is 40

Contact the program manager for an intake form