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Speakers & trainers

Eddy Odijk
Eddy OdijkSenior Innovation Strategist

Eddy Odijk is a Senior Innovation strategist. He has 35 years of industry experience, in R&D management, technology management, and business strategy and standardization management positions. He has developed the corporate standardization process at Philips and led the company’s standardization teams in the areas of Consumer Electronics, Healthcare and Lighting. While at Philips, Eddy has co-founded many standardization consortia including ZigBee Alliance, HAVi, HDMI, UPnP, DLNA, RF4CE, Continua and Zhaga, and has served as a board member for these and other alliances. Supporting his view on the importance of education, he has been teaching on standardization for over a decade. Eddy is based in Eindhoven.


  • Types of standards and how they impact innovation

  • The formation of consortia and alliances

  • The connection between standards, strategy, planning and business success

  • How companies should participate in standardization

  • The choice of partners in standardization 

  • How to get better commitment in your organization

  • How to effectively organise your operation

  • How to not do things

Jos Bruins
Jos BruinsSenior Innovation Strategist

Jos Bruins is a Senior Innovation Strategist. Jos has over 25 years of experience in businesses like Domestic appliances, Telecom, Consumer electronics, Media, Digital TV, Medical products and Lighting. Jos specialized in Marketing of new technology, New business development and Standards based innovation management for key strategic product lines. During his job as Principal IPC and Senior Director of standards he was involved in DVD/Blu-ray, MP3/AAC/AVC, Bluetooth/WiFi/ZigBee, BacNet/KNX, UPnP, and many more. Jos is based in Amsterdam.


  • The essence of market standards

  • Why companies must participate in standardization

  • The role of marketing in alliances

  • Preparing and developing the ecosystem for adoption 

  • The value of liaisons

Jacobien Kamp
Jacobien KampOrganisational psychologist

Over 25 years of experience working with a variety of organisations in the electronics industry, health care and the public service sector, gave Jacobien a high level of mastership in the application of principles of psychology in organisations. Her focus is on consulting organisations in innovation management, the design of change processes and behavioural training to enhance the quality of leadership. Standards based innovation management is one of the major application areas. Jacobien’s contribution in the SIM is to teach people how they can be effective in representing their company in the standards organization. She invites participants to take the appropriate roles, both in the standardization process as well as in the own company.  The masterclass setting supports people in developing their skills and challenges them to stretch the boundaries of the individual comfort zones. 


  • Becoming more effective in standardization meetings

  • The best ways to manage speed and progress

  • Becoming a better networker and lobbyist

  • Solutions for effective decision making

  • Negotiations and conflict handling

  • Handeling cultural differences in global organizations

Luuk van der Laan
Luuk van der LaanSenior Legal Advisor

Luuk van der Laan works as a senior legal advisor with over 25 years of experience in joint innovation projects as a lawyer in private practice, as in-house lawyer at Philips Lighting, and as general council in the Philips Health Tech and Personal Care divisions. Luuk is specialised in designing and starting-up various types of technology driven cooperations, such as industry alliances, and works with IP-dominated relations, among which cross licensing between two or more parties, on a daily basis. Luuk often takes the role of sparring partner and advisor for companies in the early days of the collaborative innovation business development process.


  • The tension between IP policies and standardization

  • Key elements in alliance bylaws

  • What an alliance manager should know about IP

  • Do’s and dont’s on legal matters

Patricia Beks
Patricia BeksSenior Director

Patricia Beks operates as Senior Director of collaborative communication within the group. Patricia has extensive international experience in Digital Marketing, PR and Communication with high-tech B2B markets. She is specialized in concept development, content creation and optimization of conversion in collaborative business environments, such as industry standard alliances like DVD+RW and Blu-ray Disc. Patricia is based in Eindhoven.


  • Marketing communication in collaborative setting

  • The impact of digitization on Marcom

  • The digital promotion plan

  • Understanding prospects and stakeholders

  • What you need to know about social media

Andre Nieuwland
Andre NieuwlandSenior Consultant Architecture

Andre Nieuwland is senior consultant architecture at Philips Innovation Services and a principal architect himself. He has almost 20  years of hands-on experience in systems architecture in various fields within Philips and outside, covering the range of consumer products, automotive and telematics systems and health-systems. As a senior consultant architecture of Philips Innovation Services, he has been supporting many business groups within Philips as well as external companies on (strategic) architectural choices in their product development, and has provided serval keynotes, masterclasses, trainings and workshops both within Philips as at external companies.


  • Strategic Architecting: Balancing portfolio, roadmap and architecture

  • Leveraging cross-business synergy

  • Identifying Key business and architecture drivers to define reference architecture and platforms

  • Agile architecting: Fast iterative design, taking holistic end-to-end view including life cycle aspects

  • Architecting complex systems