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Why standardization innovation professionals should attend

A growing number of international companies integrate the role of standardization in- and across their operation. ICT, Networked (wireless) products, Cloud, Software and Services, fuel the growing importance of collaboration and interfacing with thirds. Therefore, rightfully so, standardizing gets a more important place in the toolbox for successful companies. Professional execution increases the value and relevance of R&D and IP, expands and accelerates new markets, and makes a difference on a company’s market cap, profit and leadership position.

Standardizing strategy directly influences business strategy, it impacts R&D, Legal and Licensing, Product planning, Partnerships, Marketing and Business development, etc. Class participants are engaged-in or lead external standardizing work activities next to the ‘day job’ in their company; where they work as a CTO-Office manager, Research specialist, Development manager, Product manager, Technology marketer, Business developer or as a Standards expert. From our commissioners we have learned that innovation success is not only a matter of budget, it’s good people too!

Crucial aspects of participating in a standardization body are exercised in a true-to-life case with several sessions throughout the course. Trainees exercise behavioural styles and receive feedback from the teachers.


  • Managers in alliances improve their skillsets to impact speed and quality of output and professionalize the standardizing process.

  • Well performing participants promote the intent and goals of the alliance. They inspire other members as well as colleagues in their own organization and will raise the bar. They help to improve the alliance’s perceived value and image as an organization.

  • The participants develop an increased understanding of standardizing as a business tool and learn how they can contribute to their companies’ strategy and business objectives.

  • This in turn will help to accelerate the rollout of the alliance standards in the market.

  • Participants learn to better deal with their dual loyalties, between company strategy and alliance purpose.

Why innovation professionals should attend?